Sunday, January 30, 2011

Redefining Normal

This phrase just keeps echoing in my mind. This is the week I go back to work. Our life with 3 kids will look drastically different then what it has for the past 6 weeks. My thoughts and emotions are going crazy. There is a lot of fear and anxiety. I know that I need to trust in the Lord and pursue Him passionately, unfortunately right now there are moments where the fear takes over and I can't see past the circumstances. I am fearful of:

~not pursuing the Lord and thinking that I can get by on my own "strength"
~not loving my husband the way I desire to (and the way I should)
~not being a good mom
~losing friendships because I don't feel like I have a lot of extra time to spend with others
~letting my students down (as well as co-workers)
~running my body into the ground

I feel like the list could go on and on. Even with the anxiety I have about what this week might bring, there is absolutely no question that I love our little family and wouldn't change anything about our family. All three kiddos have brought so much joy to our lives. They have taught me about myself and more about God than I ever would have thought at their young ages. I am so thankful for the "extra" moments I have been able to spend with them lately. My prayer is this....that I will press in to the Lord, love Christian well, cherish my moments I have with the kids and that I will find my joy in the Lord only. So now it begins

Monday, January 24, 2011

Elijah is 1 month old!

We are absolutely loving our littlest one! He is complete joy to be around, just look at that smirk. Hudson and Parker love being around him and loving on him. Elijah is one big boy. He is a great eater and we are working on the sleeping (it's not horrible, but who wouldn't want more sleep).

so far...
~he is very laid back
~is very strong, however I don't think he is quite as anxious to move around as his brother and sister were
~he gets kissed by Hudson and Parker all day long

Newborn Pictures

Taken by Allison Duckworth - eleventhirtysix images. We are so thankful for the way she captured our little one.

Monday, January 17, 2011

3 kids and a Christmas tree

Our Christmas was a little different this year since Elijah made his debut a few days before. We had a great time with the kids.....talked about the birth of Jesus and opened gifts - Hudson was so excited about every gift, including his underwear! Later in the day we went over to Christian's parents and spent some time with his family. It was a low key but great way to celebrate

Kid comparison

Here they are around 3 weeks!