Monday, July 15, 2013

Introducing #4

Shiloh has arrived!  And we are so very thankful for her and have absolutely loved having her around.   The older 3 are beyond thrilled that their sister is home. It has brought so much joy to our hearts to watch the kids with Shiloh and see just how much they love her. 

Her entrance into the world was a little dramatic (beyond blessed that everything has calmed down since then). 

Birth Story
I went to my Dr. on Monday (July 8), she and I agreed that if Shiloh wasn't here by Thurs morning than we would go ahead and break my water. With Hudson being a c-section we have had to be a little more cautious about the timing of the other kids. Shiloh was following our trend of each baby getting bigger and there was a little concern about her getting too big.  

By Tuesday, I was feeling a little discouraged and quite desperate to get things progressing more than they already were.  I did all sorts of natural remedies and finally Tuesday evening I felt like I was going into labor.   Christian went to sleep for a little bit, I woke him up around 11p and told him we should probably head to the hospital. Thankfully, my mom was here to stay with the 3 older kids.  

Once we arrived at the hospital, they checked us in and we ended up in our labor and delivery room just after midnight.  My Dr. arrived shortly after.  I have to give a shout out to my Dr.  She is absolutely amazing and I could not imagine having to deliver Shiloh without her. 

Things were progressing but Shiloh was still pretty high, so we decided to go ahead and break my water.  A little bit later we (really, my dr) was able to tell that Shiloh was head down but facing the wrong way.   They put me on my side to see if she would turn. By the way, if you are going "natural" that is the WORST way to labor. After about 7 minutes Shiloh came flying down and it was time to go, as soon as my Dr. could make it back into the room. 

I started pushing and soon Shiloh got stuck. My Dr had to push the "emergency" button and about 15 people came rushing in to help. Here comes a lot of possibly not pleasant details, so feel free to skip down:). My legs were pulled in all sorts of directions and I had people pushing all over my stomach and my dr could not have reached any further.  Shiloh's shoulders were stuck and to make it more difficult her arm was by her side which made it hard to pull her out.  After our chiropractor adjusted Shiloh for the first time a few days after she was born, she said she was not surprised at what happened because Shiloh's shoulders are similar to a 4 month old.  It was an extremely tense few minutes but finally she came out.  Shiloh was in great shape and I was fine as well. The Lord was and has been so very gracious to us, not only in the protection during delivery but also in my recovery and with Shiloh. 

We are beyond blessed to have her join our family and we are so thankful for her. I will post some pictures soon