Monday, January 27, 2014

Date nights!

This year for Christmas I gave Christian 12 per planned, pre paid date nights. One for each month. Most of them are out, but a few of them will be at home. I am so excited about our time together. We have never "dated" very well and that is something we both really want to improve on. So we are!!!  We went on our January date last Friday:  dinner at Cane Russo and then Reunion Tower. We have talked about going to Reunion Tower for last 10 years and we finally went!  Such a great night together, thank you to the Blanchards for watching our little ones. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting back into "life"

We have loved having Daddy home the past 2 weeks.  It's always a little crazy when we are out of normal for more than a week. Today we find ourselves re-establishing a more normal routine.  I am excited about this new semester and some of the changes we are implementing. Today there has been a little resistance getting back to school but once we got started it went well. Most days last semester were pretty messy and I felt like we did a bunch of running around. Today, I am thankful for a slow day at home. Here are a couple of H and P's creations

P's:  something about a jewel garden and if you steal the jewels you are never allowed to return. It is also a play park

H's:  city

You can tell which of them is the more imaginative 

For 2014, I am hoping to slow down more, relax (not the sit on the couch kind) more, and enjoy what the Lord has in store for us.