Sunday, May 27, 2007

6 Months Old

So we now officially have a 6 month old! It is so strange to me that Hudson is now 6 months. At times it feels like we just got home from the hospital and other times it is as if he has been a member of our family for years. I love watching him grow, the past couple of weeks has been a very cool time of change for him. His personality is showing more and more. I think he is going to be more laid back (just like his daddy) but he also loves to be out and about (just like mom). He is now rolling all around the floor, sitting up by himself, chewing on anything that fits in his mouth, laughing when people are being silly and loves to be the center of attention.

Not only is Hud changing quickly, but our lives are as well. We are still involved in all the things we were before he was born, just now we have to figure how Hudson fits into the mix. There are times when the things we want to do have to be put on hold so that he can get at least one semi-normal nap in. We have started to use the term "semi-normal" because we are constantly on the go and seems as if no 2 days are ever alike. We still have him on a fairly strict schedule, I think for him it is a huge source of comfort and he can predict what the day will be like. He does great whenever we adjust so I don't feel as if we are creating an OCD type personality.

The past 6 months have been incredible, but it has definitely had it's time of difficulties. Praise God for the amazing (and difficult) times we have had and for the times that are to come.

Our little Aggie

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hudson's Brain

Wanted to let you guys know how well Hudson’s brain is developing. Today I put him down on one end of a 4’x4’ blanket and put his talking Sesame St. book on the other side. It took him about 3 seconds to realize that he could pull the blanket towards him which would also bring him the book. Pretty smart I think. I don’t know when they’re supposed to be doing stuff like that, but I was amazed.

The other day, I deduced that he’s going to have my brain because I was watching him play with his soft ABC block. It was just out of reach, and I was thinking “If that were me and I wanted that block I’d shift my weight to the left side, lean forward and grab the tag with my right hand”. Sure enough, he did exactly that after I thought it.

By the way, if you couldn't tell by the vernacular, this is Christian writing.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


If you look closely you can see his 2 bottom teeth!

Summer, Here I come!!!!

Last week we also tried swimming for the first time. Hudson loves the water, but not so much this time. I must admit, the water was quite chilly. Next time I will have to let it warm up before we get in (it comes down to a patience thing, hopefully Hud will have more patience than his mom).

Mother's Day at the Arboretum

Friday, May 11, 2007

"Mom, I've had enough"

We sure don't see this face very often...but we couldn't resist putting it up. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hudson's War With The Chair

Usually Hudson laughs at the bright yellow pattern on his bouncy chair. It's one of his favorite toys. We simply turn in on its side and Hudson paws at it and laughs. But recently he's been at war with the chair. He'll violently shake the seat belt straps and make William Wallace growls. Here's a short video displaying a light encounter.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Hudson's Laughing Fit

Here's a little taste of the best sound in our lives right now!