Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well it has been awhile. I (Erin) am back at school and we are slowly adjusting to our new schedule. Hudson really enjoys being at his sitters' house and playing with her daughter (she is the same age as Hud) so that has been a huge answer to prayer. It's amazing how social he has become. He often talks about his friends and looks out the window to see if they are coming.

The last couple weeks of summer flew by. We spent lots of time with friends. Here are a couple of pics. The first is just Hud (you can see how much he is growing up) and the 2nd one is him and his sweet friend Maggie.

On Labor Day we went to this new inflatable place in Plano (Boomerangs). We met up with a couple friends and just watched the kids play. Hudson had a great time playing and diving onto the inflatables, he even decided to be extremely adventurous and went down the "huge" slide. I'm sure in the next year we will be spending a fair amount of time there.

This last picture is from this morning. Hudson decided that it would be fun to put my socks and shoes on and go around kicking the basketball. Every time he went to kick the ball the shoe went flying and I would have to help him put it back on. Once I got the camera out he wouldn't kick the ball anymore, so you will have to settle for him just posing for the camera with my shoes on.