Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, Parker has officially started gymnastics! It was actually really hard for me to put her in it. I'm torn, I loved gymnastics but I also know how extremely hard it was on my body and how difficult it becomes once you become an upper level gymnast (really, any upper level athlete) and I'm just not sure that is something I want our family to get into. I know it's weird to think of these things when my daughter is 2, but this was exactly how I started out. After fighting it for awhile, we finally put her in a mommy and me class and she LOVES it! We go once a week for 45 min and this past week she threw a massive fit when it was time to leave. For now I am just enjoying the ride and enjoying spending time with her and watching her become excited about something that is her own. The rest will come later. Here is her "I'm ready" face

So far she has loved everything, except the stretching at the beginning - so much like her mom it's a little scary. She love to hang on the bars, run across the balance beam, jump (and fall down) all over the trampoline and play in the pit. So, this is where you will find us tuesday mornings while Hudson is at school

9 months!

Our littlest is now 9 months old! Honestly, I feel like this month has been such a blur with all that we have going on (more on that soon). Elijah is such a joy to have around. We are still working hard on getting rid of his eczema, he is a fantastic crawler, likes to cruise around, still loves to be held - by mom, thinks his brother and sister are GREAT and loves to eat. I'm sure I am leaving out a bunch. Elijah, we love you!!!!

more pictures

It's been awhile....

So much has gone on and there is so VERY much to share. It will take me awhile to "catch up", so for now I will just post some pictures from our summer.