Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quick update

I must be honest...I feel a little overwhelmed trying to update since my last post. So I will just recap a few of the things going on.


-now a little over 8 months
-She is crawling ALL the time
-loves to stand
-loves her big brother
-enjoys playing in Hudson's room and the bathroom (if you aren't watching she will
take off down the hall and end up either in Hudson's room or the bathroom)
-claps and sometimes waves
-her 1st tooth started pushing thru yesterday
-very SMILEY and a joy to be around
-doesn't need as much sleep as her brother (this is a hard one for me)


-takes gymnastics once a week and has a great time
-enjoys ALL sports
-loves to play with Parker (but is very selective as to which toys she can play
with....we are working on this one)
-is enjoying going to school
-pretty much potty trained (except naps and night)
-full of energy but still loves to just sit and read
-in to coloring
-very protective and proud of his sister (this melts our hearts)