Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Months!

So here we are again, at Elijah's monthly photo. He is such a sweet boy and LOVES his brother and sister. While on his stomach he spins in circles. He still loves his jumperoo and now jumps sideways and sways from side to side. He is a grabber and a biter. Loves avocado. Is getting his top 2 "i" teeth (but still doesn't have the top middle teeth). He will be my little vampire:) Still battling eczema. Went on his first plane ride and did really well. Can sit up by himself and play. Has the sweetest little smile. We love you E

Saturday, July 9, 2011

This past week

Elijah is doing great sitting up. I think he wants to crawl so badly but he is still is not a huge fan of tummy time
Elijah LOVES to play with his big brother and Hudson loves playing with him. They had such a great time with morning (Parker was still sleeping)

These 2 pictures are from the 4th of July parade in Arlington. The parade was great and we had a fantastic only complaint was that it was SUPER hot and we were sitting in the sun:( For part of the parade we cozy-ed ourselves up in the shade. Next time we will have to get there earlier so we snag a piece of the shade
Elijah enjoying some tummy time and sucking on his bottom lip. He also likes to blow raspberries and spit everywhere.

The rest of the week included signing Hudson up for a VBS (he is calling it Bible camp), going to the exercise gym, swimming and helping our friend the McKays move back to Texas!