Sunday, October 11, 2009

9 month stats

Weight = 18lbs 9 oz (50%)
Length = 28 in (65%)
Head = 16 3/4 cm (15%)

Hudson's stats at 9 months
weight = 20lbs 6 oz
length = 29 in

Plano International Festival

On Saturday we went to Plano's International Festival. It was a little chilly, but we had a great time. We desire to teach our kid's about other cultures and pray that they will have a heart for the we were super excited to be able to go on Saturday. We got there early enough to watch them march in all the different flags, it was so neat to see all the countries that were represented and the people take pride in their countries. There were tons of different booths set up, a food court (with many types of foods) and a fantastic childrens section with all sorts of crafts representing different nations. Hudson was not super excited about all the crafts, he just wanted to watch other people.....Maybe next year, but I was finally able to get him to go inside the fire truck:)

The many faces of Parker (and 1 of Hud)

from most recent to oldest

Hudson enjoying LAST year's halloween costume

Garland ISD College Day

Towards the end of Sept. Garland ISD had their College Day and so we decided to have the whole family dress up. Our whole family has dressed up the last couple years, so here we are all decked out in our A&M only if our football team was doing a bit better.